Women of Edison

Nancy Freeland, Ministry Head

Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday: 6pm



Women of Edison is a ministry equipping women to reach our potential by discovering our purpose, power, authority and possibilities in our lives to become the servants God has called us to be.  It also enables women to build trust and support for one another as we meet the challenges we face as mothers, wives, daughters, aunts, nieces and grandmothers.

The Main Thing

Elder Ivy Wilson, Ministry Head

Every 1st & 3rd Saturday: 1pm - 2pm


The Main Thing Ministry is a women's fellowship designed to pursue relational spirituality. Through biblical truth, frank discussions and other fun activities, we seek to connect with one another  that we may cultivate friendships that foster understanding , acceptance and encouragement.

Safety Servant

Deacon Jerome Boyd, Ministry Head



Safety Servant Ministry is committed toward providing protection and safety for all who serve and attend Edison Street Community Church with love, respect, care, and concern. Our ultimate is assuring that everyone attending ESCC Worship Services or other activities will feel safe and secure while being encouraged by the Word of God.


Elder Ceylon Moore, Ministry Head


Pastoral-Care Ministry: A person-centered, approach that is focused on engaging and developing the whole person through emotional support and spiritual care.Our main objective is to minister through personal touch. Pastoral care offersa friendship that is intentionally seeking to walk with a person who is struggling with a difficulty, being present during a time of pain and praying with someone in a crisis.

Couples 4 Christ

Deacon Eddie & Charminon Flood, Ministry Heads


Couples 4 Christ enriches and uplifts the relationships within and between couples. By doing this, we serve as a model to the community of what Christ desires in the covenant of marriage. Wedesire to make a difference in the family structure. Couples 4 Christ hold monthly sessions every 2nd Saturday of the month, in addition to committed couples, we welcome singles desiring to be married

New Members Covenant Class

Elder Shtara Redden, Ministry Head


New Members Covenant Class instructs new members in the fundamentals of Salvation with the Objection to bring understanding of ESCC purpose/mission of the church and understanding their relationship with Christ.


Under Construction


The purpose of the Nursing Ministry to adviseindividualson health issues and medications, to provide essential education and resources that address prevalent chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes. Educational in services- health fair and workshop that provide medical screenings, referrals and health education to the community Weekly Blood pressure monitoring Objective is to empower and educate a community to properly manage disease process and live healthier lifestyles

Good Measure Outreach

Minister Carlette Bradley, Ministry Head


Good Measure Outreach Ministry (Luke 6:38) empowers all members of the ministry to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the homeless population and all others.  We establish and sustain relationships with those that we are drawn to by the direction of the Holy Spirit. While providing natural nourishment outside of the walls of the sanctuary, we introduce non-believers to the bread of life through conversation and prayer. We pray with believers to encourage them to cultivate and/or to renew their relationship with God beyond their current circumstances. Through this ministry it is our objective to be used as vessels to ignite hope and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ so that ultimately, blinded eyes will be opened and that souls are rescued. 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Thursdays meet at the church at 6 pm to prepare the meal and depart from the church at 7 pm. We return to the church when the Holy Spirit has released us from the ministering to His people.

Disaster Ministry

Diana Foster, Ministry Head


Disaster Ministry is team of believers persuaded to be a place of refuge for those in times of trouble such as a natural, economic or man made disaster. Ministry goal is to provide a safe haven for those that are displaced, or hungry in our community by showing the love of Christ through meeting the physical needs. This ministry will provide education in the areas of couponing, long term food and water storage, disaster training, first aid, and also operate a Soup Kitchen that is open during the week to the community for dinner.

Edison St Youth Department

Elder Maurice Foster, Youth Pastor


The objective of the Edison St Youth Department is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the young people of our community. We do this in hope that our young people will understand that God loves them in spite of their current circumstances or conditions! It is also our objective that our young people will understand that God loves them so much that He gave His only(begotten) son Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins. That by faith they can inherit the gift of Eternal life thru Christ Jesus! The Edison Street CC Youth Department is comprised of 9 individuals who are committed to working together in order to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the young people of our community. This is done by a series of lesson plans, activities and outings that are geared towards the promoting andteaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Christ Academy

Elder Shawn Dowell, Ministry Head


Christ Academy at the Edison Street Community Church is a collective effort from various gifted teachers who strive to teach the Word of God with integrity and accuracy.  The instruction takes place in a intimate yet open environment where questions are encouraged and critical thinking is at home in the Lord’s house.  “Line upon line, precept upon precept” is the current teaching format, where book by book and chapter by chapter study takes place.  Our goal is to dig deeper into the bible and discover the hidden truths from God for application to the everyday life of the student.